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We all have one constant companion in life. From the moment of our birth to the time of our death, our breath is always with us. Most of us barely think about it on a conscious level in our busy lives unless our breathing is restricted due to physical symptoms of respiratory illness or panic attacks or we have exerted ourselves through exercise. But for millennia, peoples across the globe have recognised the power of the breath for healing, connection to others and for individual and spiritual growth. On a personal level, I have felt the transformational power of breathwork and I'm passionate about sharing this with others. 

I work with individuals and offer group sessions to explore the power of the breath through conscious connected breathing. This powerful, yet gentle breathwork technique of keeping a continuous, circular flow of breath with no pause between the in breath and out breath during a session can have profound effects. In engaging with the breath, we can calm our nervous systems, find ways of healing from grief, loss and trauma, develop our body awareness and tune into our emotions, find new personal meanings in the answers to life questions that may have eluded us thus far, move on from periods of stuckness, and, equally importantly, lean how to relax fully and deeply in the present moment. 

Conscious connected breathwork is safe, supportive and accessible. Each session is completely unique and once you have learned the technique, is something you can access anytime, anywhere. It is a way of coming home to ourselves and our place in the world. My role as a facilitator is to create a space which allows you to tune into and create an intention for what you want from the session, guide you into discovering your unique conscious connected breath, and to be a non-judgmental, empathic and compassionate companion as we explore what comes up for you and how you can integrate any new discoveries as you move forward in life. 

I offer breathwork sessions as an individual therapy or in conjunction with person-centred counselling. We work in a way that feels best for you and your unique circumstances. Sessions are offered online or in person. Get in touch via the link below to book a free 20 minute introductory call to find out more about working with me. 

I also facilitate regular group sessions, please feel free to join my mailing list for more information on these. 

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